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The first SOLE in India was set up in Hyderabad way back towards the end of April in 2008. Among the children who was smitten by the SOLE and all that it could offer was a young girl. It was a concept that was hard for many of the adults to digest and that meant that children didn’t have as much access to it as they wanted and could have easily had.

Still, she tried to be in the SOLE as much as she possibly could, looking quite woebegone when she had to leave. Yet even this limited access made a difference. Within a couple of months, she came up to me and said – “Aunty, you know what I have asked my mother to get me for my birthday? A computer!” and then added – “Earlier, I used to ask for dresses, jewellery, toys; but now all I want is a computer”.

Is this at least as telling as a test score?!

Uh Oh! Simon didn't say!

How else are aspirations changing?


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