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Just something I have to share…..

Through the years, I have lived with Anand not realizing that ‘mothers’ have birthdays too…

Then he moved to an understanding that I too had a birthday [the date was still a mystery to him!] and I rolled over laughing when I heard him tell someone he wasn’t quite sure [how old I was] but something in ‘the realm of 300-400’!  🙂

We then moved to the years when he had a vague idea of my age [atleast it was under a 100] and then to last year when [possibly egged on by his ‘Madhuritai’] he decided on the spur of the moment that he had to get me a cake [chocolate, which is his favorite]!

But this year took the cake! Hushed planning going on between Anand and Ajoba and Lalita. I pretended for over two weeks that I knew nothing of their plans… I fought hard to keep a straight face as he said “I have a surprise for you. You have to cut it”.  I pretended not to see as he tried hard to walk past me hiding a bouquet and cake the day before my birthday.

It was so hard for him to keep his surprise… kept dropping hints and telling me straight off who he had invited.  🙂 I finally had to ask him how many so I could have something for them to eat [and get a bigger cake!] But his giggles and joy as he went around preparing for this surprise party were my biggest gifts… He’d even asked ‘Nupudidi’ to bring samosas etc to give all his ‘invitees’.

….and so we had a PARTY! ….staggered through the day as different folks arrived at different times and Anand cut the cake

My little boy has grown up…

Possibly the nicest birthday’s I’ve had to date! Thanks betu!


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