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The relationship between the children and the grannies at KNB PSSP has always been special. They became a member of The Granny Cloud family ahead of their becoming a part of the School in the Cloud labs and it was always amusing and heart-warming to hear the children share about their interactions with the grannies. Because of limited facilities just Grades 6 and 7 used to have Granny sessions.


A Granny session – Before the SOLE Lab [Photo: Suneeta Kulkarni]

But with the building of the SOLE lab, [A4 Phaltan turns 2 today on the 3rd of Dec 2016] the children from Grade 1 upwards got a chance to get into this very special room… very much their own. The older children had participated in visualizing and designing it and all of them continue to take responsibility for decorating and keeping it clean.

visualizing-the-lab         cleaning-the-sole

Visualizing the SOLE    & Cleaning the SOLE  [Photos: Suneeta Kulkarni]

Here’s an  an email I received this morning:


Through these 2 years, the children have fallen in love with the idea of the SOLE and wait [rather impatiently I must admit!] for a full-fledged SOLE session. They have explored topics at their own initiative [e.g. the concept of independence] and explored topics brought up by the grannies [e.g. children’s rights]. When Big Questions [and not so big questions J] were posed they have jumped in with enthusiasm and made it their own wandering to into territories  [mangoes and butterflies & polar bears among them! ] that hadn’t been anticipated. The older children are used to being in the sessions on their own and delight in what they refer to as ‘mini SOLE sessions’. Because it all has to be wrapped in under 40 minutes! And the teachers at KNB have watched, seen the children’s engagement with learning and begun to consider using this with their own classes. The concept of the SOLE spreads….

involved             concentration

In SOLE sessions [Photos: Suneeta Kulkarni]

It was also the one lab where, ‘Granny’ emerged as a profession! When children were asked what they’d like to be when they grew up, there were several who enthusiastically responded ‘A Granny’!

So, the Phaltan SOLE lab is a busy place, a very busy place! Now back to being a self-funded SOLE lab at the completion of the TED Prize School in the Cloud Project, it isn’t wasting one bit of this resource. In the past few months, the Granny sessions have extended to include the preschool children and even teachers participate enthusiastically!

Watching from the side lines when her elder sister was among the first children to experience the wonders of the granny cloud, was Shruti. And she has begun to take on her future ‘career’ as a part time granny [she plans on joining the IPS – Indian Police Service] very seriously as she steps in to facilitate sessions for the preschool children.


Our youngest Granny session facilitator! [Photo: Madhura Rajvanshi]

So as A4 Phaltan marks 2 years of their SOLE lab, we wish them all the very best!


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