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I woke in the morning to calls and messages greeting me on the occasion of ‘Guru Pournima’. And I found myself recalling the many different people I have learned many different things from through the years.

There has been a sense of wonder and joy in much that was learnt, but there have also been bitter lessons. I skimmed through some pictures to find some that I could use for an album to remind me of some of the key lessons I learned from them. There were many pictures that evoked memories of times when I began to learn. Learning to be my own person, learning to be content within myself, learning to be patient [even more than I have a reputation for !], learning to be less gullible, learning to believe in myself, learning to be prepared for the unexpected, learning to have fun, to take care of myself, to find new strategies to cope with challenges and sorrow, to get up and start over when I have fallen, to reach out for a dream… and so much more. I haven’t always been successful but I have learned along the way, that I could continue trying…

It may sound trite, but for me it isn’t.. I have drawn from elders and peers and children in this process of learning. But it is life – all of it – that has been the biggest Guru of them all.


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