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A young friend sang this the other day, in a voice ever so sweet… it took me back many, many¬† decades. I used to love this song as a kid. Along with several friends, I’d sing and dance along the arches of the garden surrounded by the Hauz Khas market. The implication of incidents that were beginning to happen had still not touched me in a debilitating manner. They were carefree, uninhibited days….and I sang out loud. The song spoke to me of a world out there, a world of adventure… of a world unknown yet ever so enchanting.

And then reality began to creep in..No longer did I sing out loud. I watched over my shoulder warily. And I began to write, fast and furious… just for myself. It was my way of coping… The song dried up inside me.

And then… I heard it sung the other day, and it tug at the heartstrings. I’ve been humming it inside my head ever since…. But there’s one big difference… it’s just reality… I cannot pretend to control the future… and much of it seems bleak. But there are moments of peace, of contentment…of acceptance.

So, in the ‘not knowing’, is there hope?


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