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A Baby’s Love

I am fortunate in having friends, who have children who are also friends, and who have children who do me the honour of being a ‘grandmother’.

Lohit came by a couple of times over the past 10 days… I don’t think he will ever realize what that did for me. In the midst of a low phase, his prattle rejuvenates me, his melodious and incredibly sweet voice mouthing stuff that has me in splits! His latest, as I picked him up and took him away from disturbing my father who was being read the newspaper to was “mala khali thev, mi zad aye”! (Put me down, I am heavy) 🙂

That followed by him climbing on to my lap and nuzzling and cuddling as he watched the animated version of Ramayan. How good it feels to hold him in my arms… It soothes me, warms my heart and reminds me yet again that this at least is worth living for… Thanks Aparna… Thanks, Sanjay for having him…


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